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Over the past eight years, Family Promise affiliates across the country have set aside a week in October to celebrate the work we all do every day – preventing families from becoming homeless, sheltering those in crisis, and stabilizing families so they are no longer at risk. This national event increases awareness of the issue of family homelessness and is an opportunity to engage and thank volunteers, donors, supporters, and community leaders.

This year Family Promise Week takes place on October 18th through 25th. During this week, affiliates will be doing all different activities to fundraise and raise awareness for our mission. This year, Family Promise of Southern Ocean County will be posting on social media, launching a local awareness campaign, and fundraising on

There are also prizes offered by Family Promise national to affiliates who achieve certain goals! This includes most likes on social media, first to $500 raised, and most new donors! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for posts, and our GiveGab page here!

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People often ask us, Is Family Promise a Homeless Shelter? We are, and so much more!

Thirty years ago, the Interfaith Hospitality Network began with a shelter program. Over time, the organization grew, adding new affiliates and new programs for low-income families and families experiencing homelessness.

In 2003, the Network changed their name to Family Promise, in order to better reflect their broadening scope. The name was chosen to speak to the promise we make to every family we serve, as well as the promise that is inherent in every family.

Our model comprises preventative initiatives for families who are in danger of losing their homes, food, shelter, case management to those who are experiencing homelessness, and stabilization programs to ensure sustainable independence of the families who have secured housing after graduating our programs.

In 2009, Family Promise of Southern Ocean County opened its doors and has grown to 21 host congregations, over 200 volunteers, and 4 main programs. Our programs address not just daily shelter, homelessness prevention, graduate support, and referrals for all in need.

Today, Family Promise is the leading national organization addressing family homelessness.

Learn More About the History of Family Promise Here

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Family Promise of Southern Ocean County has four main programs to aid families in our area, one of which is the Casting Lifelines Referral Program. The referral program aims to provide aid to all who reach out to Family Promise. This includes eligible families, out of area families, and individuals who aren’t eligible for our programs.

Each time a phone call comes into our Day Center, our staff and volunteers fill out an intake form. If a caller is eligible, they begin the process of the Anchors to Stay Prevention Program or the Daymark Family Shelter Program. If a caller is not eligible or needs more immediate help, we are able to refer them to one or more other resources to provide them with the aid they need. This includes housing for veterans or disabled callers, shelters for domestic violence victims or youth, financial aid for overdue utility bills, food banks, legal services, healthcare resources, and more.

Other Family Promise of Southern Ocean County programs include:

Anchors to Stay Prevention Program

Eligible families can receive financial aid on rent, mortgage, or security deposit payments. They also have access to a curriculum focused on stability and further prevention of homelessness.

Daymark Family Shelter Program

We partner with community organizations and school districts to provide shelter, meals, hospitality, and day-to-day essentials for local families with children who are experiencing


Arc of Visibility Graduate Program

Continuing the relationships they develop in our program is important for families to experience long-term sustainable independence. Our Graduate Program provides families with continued essential support and an opportunity to build upon the life skills learned in our programs.

We offer many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of families we serve. Family Promise is a 501(c)(3) organization accepting tax-deductible gifts and in-kind donations. These gifts go directly to helping our community.

We are also looking to partner with landlords in Ocean County to house families. If you are a landlord with a vacancy, contact Family Promise of Southern Ocean County by phone at (609) 994-3317 or by email at

If you’re looking for other ways to help, you can find us online at and follow us on Facebook for updates.


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