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Danny and Evelyn C.

Family promise was there for me and my family at a time when we hit rock bottom and had no were to go. It protected us from the bad weather and provided us with a healthy meal three times a day. We meet a lot of loving and amazing people that were always there for us. The volunteers took the time out of there schedule to provide us with a home cooked meal every night. Family Promise did everything possible to make you feel important and keep you together as a family. They also provide you with assistance on finding a job by setting up your resume with you. They also provide you with the contacts in order to find a home and get back on your feet. Elizabeth is an amazing person, she cares and follows up with every family as if they were her own family.  Even after leaving Family Promise you are never forgotten.  Liz is always there for you. It was a hard thing for my family to go though but Family Promise kept my family together and safe. I was blessed to have family promise.  Thank you Liz for everything.  We love you.  God Bless you.”


“Family Promise was my lifeboat. Not only did they help restore stability in my families lives, the volunteers gave me the strength to fight for the life I knew my children and myself deserved.”

The R family

Family promise was a saving grace to me and my daughters. They helped us out by giving us a place to go when I left a bad situation. We are so thankful for theirservice and support.”

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