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COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Update for Tenants

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

With the new year, there have been updates and changes to the federal and New Jersey state eviction moratoriums. These changes have been implemented to help keep people safe, afloat, and in their homes during COVID-19. The below information applies to tenants of rental homes, rental apartments, hotels, and/or motels.

What is an Eviction Moratorium?

According to New Jersey’s COVID-19 information hub, the eviction moratorium means that no tenant may be removed from his or her home as a result of an eviction proceeding, with rare exceptions. This doesn’t stop any court proceedings on evictions but prevents lockouts and removals. The moratorium does apply to all pre-existing orders for removal as well, meaning that so long as it is in place, you cannot be removed from your home.

Additionally, the moratorium does not affect when rent is due. If you’re having trouble making your rent and need assistance, learn more about our Anchors to Stay Prevention Program here.

Federal Eviction Moratorium

The Centers for Disease Control continues to have a federal eviction moratorium in place through January 31st, 2021. This applies to all states and local areas, unless they have equal or better protections for tenants.

New Jersey Eviction Moratorium

New Jersey also has a specific order that applies to the eviction moratorium. According to Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 106, the eviction moratorium will last until two months after the governor declares an end to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Currently, the public health emergency is set to expire January 20, 2021, which means that the eviction moratorium in New Jersey will remain in place until at least March 20, 2021.

What if I live in a hotel/motel?

The eviction moratorium does not specifically protect “transient guests or seasonal tenants.” Long term hotel and motel residents are not considered transient and are protected under Governor Murphy’s Order. Additionally, under Administrative orders issued from the State Director of Emergency Management, the following hotel and motel residents are generally protected from eviction:

  • those who are part of state initiatives aimed at getting people out of group shelters;

  • those supported by a governmental housing assistance program;

  • health-care workers who need a temporary place to stay;

  • homeless people;

  • individuals affected by domestic violence; and

  • those staying in hotels or motels in compliance with a court order.

If you need more information or have questions, you can read more on the above links or learn more by contacting Family Promise of Southern Ocean County, your local representative, or local governments. If you are in New Jersey and are in need of legal assistance regarding the eviction moratorium or other circumstances, contact a legal service organization such as the Community Health Law Project, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice - New Jersey, or Legal Services of New Jersey.

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