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At Family Promise, we spend every day talking with families who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. We believe that sharing their stories is essential to spreading awareness about family homelessness in the United States. Want to learn more? Check out our recent media coverage below.


Spreading the word will help us transform the lives of ONE MILLION children by 2030.

Craig Melvin of NBC's Today Show visits Family Promise of the Midlands to learn how the program helps families experiencing homelessness reclaim their independence.

  • Do you accept furniture? Do you take items not on your wish list?
    We do take furniture, clothing and other items not on our wish list, however due to limited storage capacity we only take what current families in the program need. Please call us in the office for the most updated information.
  • Do we really have homeless families here?
    Yes unfortunately we do but it is not the stereotype you may be thinking. Family homelessness is often referred to as an “invisible crisis.” The parents and children experiencing it are less likely to be seen on the streets than chronically homeless individuals. Parents most often attempt to stay hidden from sight due to fear and shame. They can be found living in their cars, staying week-to-week in unsafe short-term rentals, or doubled up temporarily with friends or family. But, although not visible, they are the faces of a crisis. Simply put, we have a severe shortage of affordable housing in New Jersey, exacerbated by rising rents and stagnant wages. Low-income families have little or no margin of error, and one misstep can lead to homelessness. Unfortunately, almost 70% of Ocean County's homeless population are children and their families who have fallen into homelessness because the cost of living is higher than what they are earning.
  • Family Promise works with congregations. Do I need to be part of a church to get help or to get involved?
    We utilize congregations from all faiths as shelter space for families. Many members of host congregations serve as volunteers for us during their congregation’s host week. By working together in a network, congregations are strengthened as people of different faiths unite to work for a better community for all. However, if you do not belong to a congregation there are still many opportunities to volunteer and get involved. If you are a family in need, you are not required to be apart of a congregation.
  • How are you funded?
    The largest percentage of our funding comes from individual donors and private foundations who have developed a strong relationship with us because of our impact. We also receive some grants and rely heavily on our fundraisers.
  • Do donated items need to be brand new?
    We do take some used items, however they need to be in gently used condition. Pillows and toiletries do need to be brand new. Clothing can be used, we just ask to please check it ahead of time for tears and stains.
  • Can I just drop off donations anytime?
    No, please do NOT just dropp off donations, as someone is not necessarily at the office all the time. Please call ahead and schedule a drop off day and time.
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