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Family Promise of Southern Ocean County has four main programs to aid families in our area, one of which is the Casting Lifelines Referral Program. The referral program aims to provide aid to all who reach out to Family Promise. This includes eligible families, out of area families, and individuals who aren’t eligible for our programs.

Each time a phone call comes into our Day Center, our staff and volunteers fill out an intake form. If a caller is eligible, they begin the process of the Anchors to Stay Prevention Program or the Daymark Family Shelter Program. If a caller is not eligible or needs more immediate help, we are able to refer them to one or more other resources to provide them with the aid they need. This includes housing for veterans or disabled callers, shelters for domestic violence victims or youth, financial aid for overdue utility bills, food banks, legal services, healthcare resources, and more.

Other Family Promise of Southern Ocean County programs include:

Anchors to Stay Prevention Program

Eligible families can receive financial aid on rent, mortgage, or security deposit payments. They also have access to a curriculum focused on stability and further prevention of homelessness.

Daymark Family Shelter Program

We partner with community organizations and school districts to provide shelter, meals, hospitality, and day-to-day essentials for local families with children who are experiencing


Arc of Visibility Graduate Program

Continuing the relationships they develop in our program is important for families to experience long-term sustainable independence. Our Graduate Program provides families with continued essential support and an opportunity to build upon the life skills learned in our programs.

We offer many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of families we serve. Family Promise is a 501(c)(3) organization accepting tax-deductible gifts and in-kind donations. These gifts go directly to helping our community.

We are also looking to partner with landlords in Ocean County to house families. If you are a landlord with a vacancy, contact Family Promise of Southern Ocean County by phone at (609) 994-3317 or by email at

If you’re looking for other ways to help, you can find us online at and follow us on Facebook for updates.


Each day, families in the Family Promise Emergency Shelter program have a regular daily schedule. This includes staying at host sites with other families, going to work and school, and staying together at the day center. With COVID-19 though, the family schedules have had to be changed to accommodate social distancing and safety guidelines.

Typical Day

A family’s regular day starts off early, waking up at the host site churches where they stay overnight. Families arrive at the Day Center around 7 AM to prepare for their day. This includes packing lunches in the stocked kitchen, getting any personal supplies they need, and (THIRD THING). Families then leave for work and school for the day. After the day is done, they return to the Day Center for the evening, then transition back to the current host site church for dinner and their overnight stay.

COVID-19 Day

In order to provide a socially distant and safe day for Family Promise employees, volunteers, host sites, and families, we have partnered with local area hotels and apartment landlords. This allows families their own spaces to stay, work or learn from home, and be safe during COVID-19. Even though they are not staying at Family Promise host sites, meals are provided to families while they are in the program, no matter where they are staying.

Future Emergency Shelter Plans

As the COVID-19 situation changes and evolves, so do we! Our programs have evolved and grown to accommodate families experiencing homelessness is the best and safest way possible. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in person again, but until then we are following state guidelines as best we can. We’ve also introduced our new Prevention Program to assist families in staying in their homes, you can read more about that in our previous blog post.

In recent weeks, New Jersey has seen many updates and changes for both renters and landlords. These changes have been implemented to help keep people safe, afloat, and in their homes during COVID-19.

For Tenants

The eviction moratorium in New Jersey has been extended. Executive Order 106 was issued back in March and suspended evictions across the state. This means that no tenant can be locked out of or removed from their home as a result of an eviction proceeding, except in a few rare circumstances. The order has been extended through October 31.

During this moratorium, tenants do still need to pay rent, and missed payments may become back-rent. For more information on what happens if you miss rent payments, read here or here. If you are a tenant in need of rental assistance, you may qualify for Family Promise of Southern Ocean County’s Anchors to Stay Prevention Program. Reach out to us here/by phone at (609) 994-3317 or by email at for more information on the Prevention Program or other resources in our area.

For Landlords

Starting August 19th, small property owners of apartment buildings can apply for the Small Landlord Grant Program.

"To emerge stronger from this crisis, we need to make direct investments in our hardest hit neighborhoods and communities," said Governor Murphy. "Ensuring that responsible landlords can continue to maintain their properties and provide quality housing to our tenants is essential to our recovery. Through this program, we can also provide direct support to COVID-impacted renters by forgiving back-rent."

An impacted landlord can apply for aid out of a $25 million bucket, so long as they forgive back rent and fees that their tenants owe. Grant amounts will be based on lost income, as well as the number of rental units for low-income and moderate-income tenants. To see if they qualify, landlords are encouraged to visit Applications are open Aug. 19 at 9 a.m. through Aug. 26 at 1 p.m.

If you are a landlord in Ocean County with a vacancy, Family Promise of Southern Ocean County would like to partner with you! Under our new Prevention Program, we are partnering with landlords to provide housing for homeless families in our area. Reach out to us here/by phone at (609) 994-3317 or by email at for more information.

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